Yamaha Audio DME64N, Digital mixing engine, 4 MY-card slots…

Yamaha Audio DME64N, Digital mixing engine, 4 MY-card slots…

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The DME64N and DME24N employ Yamaha's original DSP6 and DSP7 signal-processing LSIs for extraordinary audio processing power and quality. The DME64N offers processing power that is on a par with Yamaha's DM1000 Digital Mixing Console, and the smaller DME24N has about half that processing capability while offering built-in analog I/O for simple, more compact systems. In either case you get a remarkable amount of processing capability that allows complex systems to be built around a single DME unit and fine tuned for optimum performance in concert halls, multi-purpose halls, event spaces, institutions, and a wide range of other applications. Plenty of DSP power also means that advanced configurations that previously required multiple hardware units can now run comfortably on just one DME64N or DME24N. All of this translates into significant time, energy, and cost savings for the design, installation, and operation of DME-based systems.

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